Designer Artist

Together with a team of experts I will bring your visions to life. If you have a private house or are in charge of developing a public space, based on your brief and budget we will imagine the most inspiring creative artistic designs that will bring the place to value and make a lasting effect.

Outdoor MuralGarden of Colour

This project was designed for an outdoor sitting space of a Georgian mansion in the English countryside.

The mural was first designed, and then installed in a week with the support of a team of mural painters and using the best best mineral pigments. Lively shapes and colours inspired by Matisse and strong references to Classic art also have brought new life to this space.

Mosaic Matters – Modern Mosaic in Indoor Swimming Pool

These two 190 cm x 150 cm mosaics were created with the expertise of Mosaic Marble and installed on site with a team of experts (partnership with the London School of Mosaic).

These two mosaics are now hanging for a client in a large private indoor swimming pool. They bring a bespoke touch to what would have otherwise been a plain space.