As a curator of art experiences, my passion lies in the realm of modern and contemporary art, as well as design and craft. Rather than confining myself to a single venue or collection, I curate immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.  My aim is to introduce clients to a diverse array of venues, including lesser-known gems and intimate settings, steering away from the mainstream museum circuit. 

With over a decade of immersion in the art scene, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. I meticulously handpick exhibitions and galleries, prioritising those that showcase emerging artists with exceptional quality and potential. This approach benefits clients seeking early access to burgeoning talent before prices escalate.

Founder of Exceptional Art & Design Jolanda Crettaz Chandler

While my expertise extends beyond modern and contemporary art, I find immense satisfaction in demystifying this complex yet captivating genre for enthusiasts of all levels. My guiding principle is to foster a sense of comfort and engagement among clients, empowering them to connect with art on a deeper level.


My services are tailored to accommodate groups of varying sizes, ensuring a personalized experience for each client. By understanding their preferences and scheduling constraints, I curate bespoke itineraries that resonate with their interests. Whether catering to exclusive members’ clubs, corporate entities, or individual patrons, my versatile approach adapts to diverse clientele.

From immersive art trails across London or further afield to thematic explorations (London Craft Week, May 24, Venice Biennale,  June 24) my approach is dynamic and immersive. By venturing off the beaten path and spotlighting emerging talents, I strive to ignite curiosity and passion among participants, nurturing a community of informed and enthusiastic collectors.


In addition to enriching client experiences, I actively seek to foster partnerships with galleries and fair organisers. Through guided tours and exhibitions, I facilitate meaningful connections between artists, gallerists, curators and new audiences, enhancing the visibility and appreciation of contemporary art. 

In the past I have set up tours to visit blockbuster exhibitions in the major museums of London : Cezanne (Tate) Van Gogh (Tate), David Hockney (Tate), Modigliani (Tate), Giacometti (Tate), Basquiat (Barbican), All Too Human (Tate), Delacroix (National Gallery) to name just a few.

Building on this knowledge, I regularly offer advice on acquisition to clients, in particular, I helped a client to acquire works for up to a quarter million of pounds. I have also designed site specific commissions, from a mosaic diptych in an indoor swimming pool to an outdoor mural wall installation .

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“You’re the best kept secret in town “

“Everyone who came on the tour found you magnetic and luminous.”

“What you’re doing with the art tours is such a beautiful and wonderful use of your skill and passion.  I regularly think of the way you’ve made this all come together.”

“Thanks so much for the lucid and enlightening talk.”

” I can’t wait to come to your next tour “

London, Fitzrovia and Mayfair in 2023

St James’s and Mayfair 2023

Contact : [email protected]