About me


I am an eager explorer of the contemporary art world, which can be a bit of a labyrinth. Much treasure lies within to be found, but you need to avoid its many cul-de-sacs. I conceived of my company to guide those who want to find their way to what is most exciting, and to help my clients – should they wish to – to buy.

Contemporary art has no single “movement”, no easily identifiable trend. Anything goes. The vast array of contemporary works has, by definition, not been filtered by time so that only the best remains: the grain is still hidden among the chaff.

I also offer neatly curated explorations of pretty much anything that interests my clients: from the smallest galleries for emerging artists, to established museums like the Tate; through the big exhibitions and the art fairs with their bewildering array of styles, to the private collections, special exhibitions, art auctions, and talks with the artists themselves.

My explorations are quite different from the conventional tour. And there are no guidebooks on the contemporary art scene that do it justice. My setting is one where content overlaps with conversation; there is no script. And where a conventional guide is constrained to a particular collection or period, I make a habit of drawing links among artists and periods. My explorations range freely through time and space!

I have studied art history and trained in technique independently since 2004. Highlights have included etching at the Musée du Petit Palais in Paris, and life-drawing at Amicaldar; and painting at the Ecole des Arts d’Ixelles in Brussels. I am Swiss. I also have an MBA so I am equally at home in the commercial part of the art space. I started ExceptionalArt in 2014, and am happy to have built up lasting relationships with my clients, who regularly come back for more.