Tailored Art Explorations

The London art scene is vast. It shifts constantly, evolving with each new generation, following a dynamic calendar of its own. Any curious mind can immerse itself in the whole history of art, ancient to contemporary. But this vastness is sometimes intimidating, and a challenge to manage in our time-constrained lives.

I design tours that incorporate the most important exhibitions, galleries and museums in town, with an eye on the calendar to catch the visit of the best exhibitions in town.

We can visit London’s great bastions of art: for instance the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, the Tates Modern and Britain or the Victoria and Albert Museum. Or we can dive into the contemporary world of the Saatchi Gallery, FRIEZE Week, commercial galleries or cutting edge fairs such as the Future Can Wait, as well as the workshops & studios of London’s most promising and established contemporary artists.

Each tour is designed around you. You can say what you want to see; or I can suggest what you might like based on a conversation or two – or a bit of both. I usually try to set a balance between learning and leisure. I bring in science and history when this is helpful, and a range of media and activities where appropriate. Always the intention is to open up the mind to the wonders created and being created.

I provide tours for individuals, groups, corporate clients, members’ clubs, children of all ages – anyone in short who wants so see and know more about art. Groups can be a couple, or up to forty, though the most is to be gained in more intimate groups. Tours can be of any length – a quick dip up to a whole day. Tours can be private – or open to like-minded people.

Send an email for more info: info@jolandachandler.com