Van Gogh at the Tate Britain

Williows at Sunset, Van Gogh, courtesy Museum of Van Gogh, Amsterdam

How strong was Britain’s influence on Van Gogh’s work? Is his Starry Night over the Rhône inspired by gaslit London as suggested by some curators ? Are his autumn scenes linked to a painting he loved: Millais’ Chill October”?

This show at the Tate Britain explores Van Gogh’s time in Britain as a young man and the influence of British culture on his art. Also it looks at what is Van Gogh’s legacy to British painters, from bringing back flower still lifes (inspired by his Sunflowers) to painting landscape under the Provence’ light.

My role this time is to introduce you to the exhibition before you visit it, in an hour lecture approx, with images and words I will bring back the life of this exceptional artist, emphasising on his twenties when in England, and after that in Holland and in Belgium, all these years where he slowly unfolded as an artist. I hope this will further your understanding how this period has been so crucial on his last years of artistic production and made him who he became.

Timing: Date upon agreement : lecture 10.30 – 11.30 am. Visit: 11.30 am onwards without me (or happy to point out the highlights). Where: Tate Britain.